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Angels and Muse offers two residency types. An invitation-based residency for artists, writers, curators, and other interdisciplinary practices which happens on a rolling basis; and an application-based, one-month residency opportunity for work ideas in progress, which will take place over 3 residency cycles in a year. Enquiries about the residency should be directed to

2024 Call for Applications

Angels and Muse Foundation for Contemporary Arts is pleased to announce the open call for applications to its first research residency, a one-month opportunity for curators, writers and lens-based visual artists to work on ideas in progress. The residency provides accommodation and a stipend to augment living expenses.

Angels and Muse is a nonprofit that nurtures creative professionals on the African continent and connects them to a global network of possibilities. Our work with multidisciplinary creatives is platformed on the unique diversity of African stories, history, and philosophy. Styled as a “thought laboratory,” we aim to pioneer, incubate, and leverage the flow of new ideas between the African creative ecosystem and the rest of the world.

The research residency is ideal for curators and lens-based artists, who work in photography and film, and who need time to continue work on an ongoing project or develop a new one. Artists in other disciplines are welcome to apply if they can demonstrate the research component of their work. Since Angels and Muse does not have a library or studio in its Ikoyi, Lagos space, applicants are encouraged to propose ideas that can be worked on remotely and independently, which might include writing and interviews.

To be eligible, applicants must: provide details of the project they intend to continue or complete at Angels and Muse and be a practicing artist, writer, or curator with at least 3 years of demonstrable experience.

All individuals able to travel to Lagos are welcome to apply, including those based outside Nigeria. Please note that the residency only provides housing and a stipend of $500, with a separate amount for ground transportation within Nigeria. At the end of the residency, residents are expected to give a presentation of their work, with support from Angels and Muse.

The residencies will be awarded to six creative practitioners in total over the course of 3 residency cycles (in July, August and November), with the aim of pairing one curator/writer and artist during each cycle.

Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2024. To apply, complete this form. Direct all enquiries to